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Can plucking nose hair prove fatal?

old-nose-hair-adOK, we sell nose hair trimmers, so we’re bound to advise against plucking nasal hair. But 50 years ago they were able to get away with claiming that ‘pulling the hair from your nose may cause a fatal infection’. In those days a man would either pluck his nose and ear hair or ask his barber to snip them out. The ad shown below was incredibly effective in convincing millions of men to pay $1 or $3.50 for the gold plated version. This was a considerable sum in those days and made the owners of the company, Mr & Mrs Bauml immensely rich.  When challenged about the danger of plucking nose hair and the threat of a fatal infection, Mrs Bauml was unable to cite a single case where someone had died as a result of plucking their nose hair.
The truth is, pulling out nasal hair by the roots can leave an open wound, leaving you open to the possibility of infection. Hardly a serious threat we agree, but there’s no doubt that plucking nose hair is eye wateringly painful. So why subject yourself to such abuse, (unless of course you enjoy the pain), when you can buy a nose and ear hair trimmer that is safe and gentle? The Bullet – the best rated nose hair trimmer on the planet. Oh and while we’re talking about the planet, the Bullet doesn’t require batteries. So not only will it save you hundreds of dollars over your lifetime, but it’s environmentally friendly too. More evidence that the Bullet is the best nose hair trimmer you can buy.