Bullet The Worlds Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Eco Friendly

You’ll never need to replace The Bullet

High Quality

An iconic grooming gadget
every man should have

Battery FREE

The Bullet doesn’t need any batteries

Worldwide Delivery

Only $5 delivered anywhere in the world

Simply the world’s best nose hair trimmer

We’ve sold thousands worldwide.

To see why, take a look around the site, or buy The Bullet for $19.99USD

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Possibly the best investment you’ll ever make.

AND The Bullet comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Nose Hair Trimmer with a Lifetime-Warranty

Don’t be a daft plucker!!

The Bullet is a small iconic tool every man should own, made from surgical grade stainless steel, battery free, you control the cutting action simply by twisting the base.

The precision blades are designed so that they never come in contact with the delicate skin in your nose or ears, won’t cause you pain, bleeding or to sneeze for hours on end.

Thousands of customers worldwide are testimony to how great The Bullet is and at less than $20 we think it’s the best male grooming purchase you’ll ever make.

What our customers say

I thought there was a bit too much hype around the Bullet, claiming it was the best nose hair trimmer in the world. Now I’ve used it, I can only say brilliant! Harrogate UK

Steve T.
Harrogate UK

Quick delivery, thank you, so pleased with it I ordered a couple more as gifts for my Father and Brother.

Sam T.
New York USA

Much more accurate than regular nose hair trimmers, quick, clean.

Thomas D.
Hamburg EU

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