See what previous customers say about The Bullet Nose Hair Trimmer

You really should sell your nose hair trimmer in stores, you have to see it to appreciate just how good it is. When I show mine to friends, they immediately want one.

Jak. O
Los Angeles

The fact it doesn’t use batteries is a massive deal for me. There’s no safe way to get rid of old batteries and they leak toxins into the ground. The Bullet nose hair trimmer is certainly environmentally friendly.

Jean C.
Glasgow UK

Your nose hair trimmer was quick and painless and did a great job, highly recommended!

Tony V
Chester UK

At first it was a bit fiddly to operate the device around my ears, but I soon got used to it. I like the way I can control the speed of cutting as I’ve always been a bit nervous of the electric nose hair trimmers.

Ricky B.

This nose hair trimmer is small, easy to carry around and no batteries, perfect when travelling.

Philip R.
Auckland NZ

I thought there was a bit too much hype around the Bullet, claiming it was the best nose hair trimmer in the world. Now I’ve used it, I can only say brilliant! Harrogate UK

Steve T.
Harrogate UK

Wow I never thought I’d be showing off a nose hair trimmer, but the Bullet is something else.

Joseph P.
Minnesota USA

Much more accurate than regular nose hair trimmers, quick, clean.

Thomas D.
Hamburg EU

Quick delivery, thank you, so pleased with it I ordered a couple more as gifts for my Father and Brother.

Sam T.
New York USA

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