Why the Bullet is the best nose hair trimmer ever made

The first surprise is the size of the device. At just over 64mm in length, it really is compact. As it’s engineered in surgical grade stainless steel, the build quality is superb.Most men on picking up the Bullet for the first time, are fascinated by the look and feel of the device. Invariably they ‘weigh it’ in their hands because… well it just feels satisfyingly solid. Take a look at the close up photograph of the ‘business end’ of the Bullet. The precision blades are designed so that they never come in contact with the delicate skin in your nose or ears. Using just a simple twist of the base, you control the speed and direction of the cutting action. People who insist on quality, will certainly appreciate the Bullet.

Nose Hair Trimmer with a Lifetime-Guarantee

Battery Free and 100% Recyclable

Apart from the aesthetics, a major benefit of the Bullet over conventional trimmers is the Bullet doesn’t use batteries, which is obviously much better for the environment. Unlike plastic nose hair trimmers which are ultimately disposable, the Bullet will last a lifetime.

If you care about the environment, the Bullet is the only nose and ear hair trimmer you should choose.

Eco-Friendly Nose Hair Trimmer 100% guaranteed

Eco Friendly

You’ll never need to replace The Bullet

High Quality

An iconic grooming gadget
every man should have

Battery FREE

The Bullet doesn’t need any batteries

Worldwide Delivery

Only $5 delivered anywhere in the world

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